About Us

We are a software and hardware development company with a team of highly qualified dedicated engineers and computer programmers.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience and are linked into an efficient network of specialists in Bosnia and Norway to facilitate a multi level approcach and provider superior technical solutions.

Why chose us?
The engineering core of our team is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia's geographical location, in a European time zone, is ideal for good communication and transport connections, with competitive pricing. Our engineers work and think in a way most European companies are used to, and our results and customer satisfaction over the years prove this.

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"Elreg d.o.o has become an integrated part of our development team, providing extra manpower at lower cost, while using them is no different to having our own engineer working from home. As our needs have changed, we have added extra capacity but kept full control of our projects, time line and IP."

SKIPPER Electronics AS

Our Clients

SKIPPER Electronics AS is a Norwegian ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturer of Navigation Echo Sounders, Speed Logs and Echo Sounders for Fishery. SKIPPER also trade SUZUKI Fishfinders and Sonars, AIRMAR transducers and TAIYO direction finders.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provides safe, efficient and reliable Navigation Solutions for the commercial and defence maritime industry.

OnSemi and its ancestors have been leading the world’s greatest technology advancements

Hensoldt Kelvin Hughes (UK) is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation and surveillance radar systems.

Norwegian Electric System AS is a high technology company with expertise in electrical and hybrid propulsion systems, control systems and integrated navigation systems for the global marine market

Elreg AS (Oslo, Norway) has over 40 years’ experience in the design and production of advanced electronics for customers worldwide.

The independent provider of a complete and fully integrated ocean bottom node based seabed seismic solution, Venator. A total rethink in the design, costs, operational efficiency and safety within seabed acquisition.

StrongPoint provides retailers with integrated technology solutions that increase productivity and improve the shopping experience in stores and online.