Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Firmware

Software developed in Elreg d.o.o. for Norwegian partners. It provides support for following tasks: data acquisition and storage, on board CSAC synchronization and control, Ethernet interface, battery management, etc.

Infrared sensor

Atmega48 MCU that controls the transmitter and receiver. Hardware and software developed in Elreg d.o.o. The device is intended for Vensafe machines that eject out different types of products, Vensafe dispensers. Functionality is made possible through I2C, UART, photodiodes and LED.


Communication support between the sensor and the control modules. Firmware is developed for STM32F4 using Ethernet and SPI.

Discovery expansion

A board used for the acquisition of measured signal of different types. Measurement of differential signals for RS422 communication. It serves as an extension for STM Discovery board, where is implemented an oscilloscope to view the RS422 signals, as well as the detaild processing of the message.

Display unit

LCD with a resistive/capacitive touch sensor, for displaying measurements and information on the ships. The unit is based on Cortex-A5 536MHz CPU, 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NAND,16MB NOR and 4MB Data Flash. Uses Parallel LCD interface, CAN bus, SPI, RS422, RS232, and Ethernet.

EML Sensor

Hardware redesign for the on board speed sensor, which includes proccessing and filtering signals, removing EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and provides communication interface for RS232 to external modules.