Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Firmware

ADC data acquisition and storage, on board CSAC synchronization and control, Ethernet interface, battery management, etc.


Software for echosounder devices. Data processing and UI on ARM/Linux.

Doppler Speedlog

Sofware for Doppler speedlog. ARM/Linux. SPI, I2C, NMEA (RS422), UDP multicast, etc.

Integrated Navigation

Integrated navigation system using Qt QML.

Open Bridge

Integration of maritime sensors using Angular and OpenBridge design guideline for embedded systems.

Hardware for 9'' touch screen

Design and prototype for 9'' resistive and capactive touch screens. RS422, RS485, USB, RS232, Ethernet.

IR drop sensor

Design and production of drop sensors for Vensafe Zervio Master dispenser.

Embedded design

Signal processing - design/implementation of algorithms to filter, process and predict signals, using real time FFT/Kalman etc.

NMEA analyzer

NMEA (RS422) analyzer with autodetction of baud rate and polarity. With USB connection to PC, can be used as simple oscilloscope.

Chip Atomic Clock

FPGA implementation of Chip Scale Atomic Clock with 120 picoseconds resolution.

Signal transceiver

500v signal transceivers for CW, Pulse or FM 30kHz to 900kHz.